One of the main reasons the National PKU Alliance was formed was to create a national research program to drive more research for PKU and accelerate the timeline for a cure. The NPKUA supported eight key research projects in 2018 with funds raised by people like you. It is an exciting time for PKU research. NPKUA funded research and fellowships are being conducted in the US, Netherlands, Sweden and Portugal.

Our small PKU community alone cannot raise the funds necessary to make this happen. Your help is the key, and we are so grateful for your support.

Crossing Norway

Join this adventure to help fund a cure!

This February, I am mounting cross-country skis at the Sweden/Norway border, crossing Norway west in nine days. Hauling a sled, I will ski nine hours each day and sleep on the snow at night. I am doing this for my daughter Tia who was born with the rare disease, PKU.