FORECAST: Snow and wind with a 100% chance of an altered route.

The snow and wind continue but it is now considered the norm for the trek. Today’s picture was taken during a very brief and welcome respite of clear weather. From the photo, you’d never know that Alison woke up in -5 F temps and that the zipper on one of Alison’s’ ski boots actually froze off.

The storms and unpredictable weather continue to force Alison and her guide, Elise, to alter the route to focus on priority one…safety. They are still expected to finish on Saturday but the altered route will have them skiing more miles than anticipated. Tonight, they are bunking in a cabin–one with no heat or water, but at least a roof over their heads.

The sun has emerged this evening, so Alison is hoping to see the Northern Lights again tonight. Yes, there indeed are a few moments of joy and pleasure on this trek, and seeing the spectacular Northern Lights is one of them. Just last night Alison and Elise climbed up a mountain and skied down it in 4 feet of powder. It was so fun that they repeated it 5 times! If you’ve been wondering about any “sight-seeing,” there is little to none beyond the beauty of the terrain. A few birds have appeared but no animals–even they know to steer clear of this weather!

In tonight’s satellite call, Kai told Alison that she has received literally hundreds of well-wishing emails. Alison is so thankful for all of the support, which is helping her get to the finish line!