Mother Nature: 1

Alison/PKU: 0

Alison and her guide left this morning and immediately hit 40 MPH winds, with gusts exceeding that, and blowing snow. Despite the wind and cold weather, they managed to ski 13 KM in 5 hours before stopping to create shelter to get out of the wind.

They are hunkered down now and waiting for wind to die down before erecting the tent. Today’s ski was very hilly with variable terrain. They created new tracks in deep snow.

Despite the cold, Alison shed layers and sadly even lost one of her jackets in a wind gust. It was tied around the sled but couldn’t withstand the gust. Once she noticed it was gone, it was too late to go back.

They are hoping for the winds to die down this evening to get some rest.

GO ALISON! PKU is winning each day!