A big part of my adventure to cross Norway is the journey to get there- the 12 months leading up to my departure from the border of Sweden. My number one job, besides fundraising, is to get my body ready.

My friend Jonathan Terrell who did the World Marathon Challenge introduced me to his ultra-fit trainer, Tiffany Nesfield. Tiffany is an inspiration from the minute you meet her: besides being in incredible shape, she is smart and a bundle of positive energy.

Tiffany is looking at my strength and conditioning holistically- fitness, nutrition, stretching, well-being. We are taking it slowly. Her qualifications read like the Fittest Woman on Earth resume- she is certified in everything. I trust her implicitly to get me there strong, ready, and stocked with the endurance I will need.

Currently, I’m in the gym called Training Ground three days per week for one hour of strength training on Mon, Wed, Fri, followed by cardio after. Tues and Thurs I do one hour of my own cardio which is usually running or spinning. Each day I use a roller to do muscle release work.

The scene at Training Ground looks like the championships at the Crossfit Games- total beasts. These are the people that go on dates to the gym. I’m pretty sure my “meal prep” last night included a glass of champagne. It was the Super Bowl after all!!

But back to getting fit, if you’re curious what today’s work out looks like, here it is!

  1. 1 hour strength training (dead lifts, sled, deep squats, Turkish get up, cross chop, lats)
  2. Versaclimber intervals
    0-2min warm up at heart rate 65-75%
    2-14min aerobic heart rate at 80%
    30 work/60 rest (active)
    14-15min cool down at heart rate 60%
Tiffany says to eat a protein rich meal within two hours of my session. I am not a big meat or fish eater and have not been for years, partly due to Tia not being able to eat anything high protein herself. I am going to have to adjust what comes natural to me and boost my protein.

The irony that I’m doing this to cure a disease that does not allow protein does not escape me.

And what will I do just after dinner? Pop the Ibuprofen, just like I did last week to ease the muscle pain. I know it will get better as I get stronger, it always does, right?