I’m going to Norway in 6 weeks!

All part of making sure I don’t get over there next winter and bomb this thing, I am going to do some reconnaissance: meet my guide, do some skiing, and meet some PKU families.

I was not completely sure how the Norwegians would respond to the notion of a random American PKU mom skiing across their country to honor Dr. Følling and raise money for PKU research, but so far it has been overwhelmingly positive.

Dr. Følling’s grandson, Dr. Geir Ivar Glgjo, has been my biggest cheerleader. I am meeting with him in Oslo to learn more about his grandfather, discuss the trek and end of expedition party. I will also have the honor of meeting his mother, Dr. Følling’s daughter.

I am also headed up to Storlien or Hell, Norway, where the trek ends. Nice name. I can actually say I’m skiing to Hell! I may have the opportunity to travel to Bergen to meet a contact at the Norwegian Academy of Sciences. This is very exciting, but I have some trepidation about doing this all alone. I haven’t been to Norway before, but also, I will miss my hubby and four babies when I travel- more than I’d like to admit.

My guide at Hvitserk just emailed me. He has taken a new job outside of guiding and is moving far north. How will I find another guide?? My harebrained adventure continues…